E-Application (Authentications)

The authenticity of the Certificates and official documents should fulfill the necessary conditions, and this should be done at the ministry to revise the authenticity of the seals and signatures.


Documenting foreign certificates:

Foreign certificates should be approved by the ministry of the country concerned.

Should be approved by the Sudanese embassies or the country concerned or it's embassy accredited to Khartoum.

Should be approved by the Sudanese ministry according to the above mentioned.


Classification and adoption of the personal documents:

1: non-university academic certificates approved by the ministry of education

2: academic certificates approved by the ministry of education

3: marriage , divorce , courts, authorizations , declaration , legitimate notifications, approved by management of federal courts at judicial authority

4: Experience certificates according to the institution which was issued from it (companies, institutions ,.....etc) 
(should document by the commercial register for private companies and institutions and governmental institutions should document directly in the documentations department at the ministry of foreign affairs). 

5- university certificates , experience certificates and diploma certificates for more than three months need documentation permission or ending national service card.


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